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As an actor, I love going for extremes. I revel in pushing the limit of human emotion. Each character I tackle is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. The character puzzle can be solved in many different ways but I like to use my teeth.


"there is something, something about the sky makes me want to cry. I feel like it’s taunting me with how wide and expansive it is. How free and unlockable. When I look at how free and wide and unlockable and unshrouded and unboxed and unattainable it is, all the more it makes me want to... The sky offers a place to go to even if there isn’t really a place to go to. The sky is a master deceiver. It whispers of something beyond and it wants me to think that I can reach and aim for that beyond. That freedom. But what is the sky, really? It’s nothing. It just copies the color of the sea. It’s a copycat.  It doesn’t have a personality of its own. A mind of its own. It just looks down and copies. I cant really reach the sky because its not really there. It’s fake, the sky. It’s free, it’s fine, it’s far, it’s false, it’s foul, it’s fake."

The Sandalwood Box

Student Marsha Gates has lost her voice to the great Unseen, but on her way to speech therapy, she becomes entangled with Professor Claudia Mitchell, a mysterious collector of catastrophes. This surreal and unsettling play explores themes of trauma and violence inside a fantastical world that is at once familiar and strange.


This is my first performance with the Flea Theatre. In this show, I played Molly, a first year college student who has an obsession for crime and death.

Golden Girl By The Sea

Golden Girl By The Sea was a play that I wrote for my friend, Xrysi, for pride month in New York. Here in this show, I played the role of Priestess that served as a guide through the different trials of the Greek gods.

The Winter's Tale

I really enjoyed this show because I got to play four different roles. My main role was Perdita, but I also got to play officer, judge, and soldier. I played with different voices and physicality. I was also able to use my juggling skills for the party scene.

A Misdummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream was another joy of a play. I got to do three roles but my main role was Puck. Mo there two roles were Egeus and Snug. I also played with voice and physicality to differentiate all of my characters. I was also able to incorporate my LED poi dancing when I as Puck would use my magic. We got to tour this show around New York which included Riker's Island.

Escape From Happiness

In 'Escape for Happiness' I play Mary Ann, the middle sister. Mary Ann was super fun to play because I got to learn the Minnesota accent, I learned how to bake, and I got to do a lot of fight choreography.

The Sun Tries Dating

I wrote a play for my friend titled 'The Sun Tries Dating.' Here in this play, I played the lead's best friend who happens to be a scientist trying to deconstruct dating. This show won and was one of Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Best Works for 2018.

Top Girls

For Top Girls, I played two characters. For my first character, I played Lady Nijo where I had to learn a Japanese accent. For the role of Winn, I had to learn RP (Queen's English). It was a stark different for both roles based on physicality. For Lady Nijo, my word was always 'floating' while for Winn, my word was always 'typing.'

Palasyo ni Valentin

One of the few plays where I speak Filipino. In this play, I played the dead lover of Valentin, Diding. It was a blast. I got to paint my face in kabuki make up every single night. I also got to perform with Ricky Davao.

Snow White

I did Snow White for Repertory Philippines. I played the role of Scrubber. It was a children's musical so I had to sing and dance the entire show. I also had so much fun putting on facial hair and applying old man make-up.


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