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Interactive Children's Play Comes to Zoom With Music and Shadow Puppets


Dorothea Gloria in The Gift of Anxiety

Award-winning Actress, Dorothea Gloria, is set to open another play, The Gift of Anxiety.


When The Swallows Fly Back, A Beautiful Love Story

A play almost about finding meaning and weaving dreams and memories into reality, When the Swallows Fly Back deals with shunned themes such as loneliness and death.


Almost, Maine Charms the Audience at the Greek Cultural Center

Dorothea Gloria also gave a funny and emotionally moving performance in her scene with Russell Legaspi who also appeared with Melina Moghadassian in the opening and closing scenes of the play.

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TeamTheatre Opens Almost,Maine

TeamTheatre is a troupe of international artists bringing diverse culture into live theatre performance. We are bringing together artists from Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Philippines, England, Turkey, Lebanon, Australia, and across the United States to see what America's melting pot would look like through the lens of "Almost, Maine.


Explore Fragments of Memory: A dystopian prison

Internment is an experimental Theatre piece written by Dorothea Gloria and Russell Legaspi. Gloria and Legaspi play characters that explore what it means to be a prisoner in different aspects of the human condition.


What it means to be alive

I remember riding the subway train with Russell and reading about China’s ‘re-education camps’ and started bawling my eyes out in the middle of the N train at rush hour. Both Russell and I have been pondering a play we could devise together and after reading that article, I told him: “This! We have to create a play about this!”

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Dorothea Gloria Plays Voiceless Student

In “The Sandalwood Box,” college student Marsha Gates loses her voice. On her way to speech therapy, she encounters Professor Claudia Mitchell, who captures the most captivating catastrophes of the world and preserves them in a sandalwood box.


Lead credits philippine training

Dorothea Gloria plays the lead role of Marsha Gates in #TheSandalwoodBox, playing at The Flea Theater in TriBeCa.


Pinay actress stars in off-Broadway play 'The Sandalwood Box'

In a surreal place where dream meets reality, a young college student named Marsha Gates, who had unfortunately lost her voice, stands beside a mysterious professor, Claudia Mitchell.

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