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Made in the Philippines

Hello! My name is Dorothea Gloria, and yes, Gloria is my LAST name, check my birth certificate.

As a child, I would perform skits and songs in taxi cabs on the way home from school to entertain myself and the driver. This is when my mother realized that she should enroll me in an acting program.

I joined my first acting workshop when I was 7 years old in Repertory Philippines. I got my first lead role three years after because I asked my director for it.

At the age of 13, I was the youngest to be accepted into Trumpets Playshop’s Summerstock program where I played Prince Arthur, in Pendragon. I had to cut my hair for this role and what I loved most is that audience members thought I was really a boy.

When I entered high school, I found my acting mentor, Ana Valdes-Lim. My mentor ignited my love for Shakespeare, Miller, Shaw, Chekov, and Anouilh.

During college, I got a scholarship to pursue more acting. My mom was delighted because she didn’t have to pay for my college fees.

I also joined the Youth Arm of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA-MTTL) where I got exposed to political and radical plays. We went around the Philippines performing shows about voting, sex education, women’s rights, etc.

After college, I continued to perform in several theater companies but mainly for Repertory Philippines and CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) where I would constantly switch brains because I had to perform English plays then Tagalog plays.

My mentor always talked about acting in New York City so I decided to move to New York. Arriving in NYC created a whirlwind of events and experiences. I got accepted at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting where I was offered an assistantship. After that, I got to work on different shows that continue to fill my cup (check my resume on the homepage).

I’m still living in New York City juggling different things (like literally; I’m part of a juggling club in Bryant Park). I do go home to the Philippines from time to time to swim and get sunburned.

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