• Dorothea Gloria

Serials: Cycle 55 "A Just War"

This is my second time to do a serial for the Flea Theatre (the first one I did was last August). So what is Serials? Well, Serials is a short play competition that happens every season at the Flea Theatre. We get a script three days before opening and we have a total of six hours to rehearse the script before we perform it in front of an audience. I love my experience doing Serials. The first time I did it, I was completely devoured by the big wave of anxiety and time pressure and craziness of it all. Now that i'm returning for the second time, I feel more prepared for it...or maybe not; but I know now what to expect. Lol. In this Serials, the group i'm in is an all female group (go girl power!). Everyone has been totally amazing and I cannot wait to open the show with them tonight! Pray for us! And if you're watching, then vote for us! :)


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