• Dorothea Gloria


I always believe that having ritual before an audition is important because it grounds me. Having set things to do makes me balanced and more grounded before going into something as nerve-wracking as an audition. Let me share with you the five things that I do before stepping inside an audition room.

1.Warm Up

I always warm-up both my body and my voice to make sure that my facilities are ready for the upcoming task. I do a 15 minute breath exercise then a 10 minute cardio.

2. Go Over My Lines

I always make sure to read my script and say them twice out loud before auditioning. Even though I know my lines very well, it doesn’t hurt to look over them.

3. Pick My Outfit

I always think of my outfit that I wear carefully. I pick something that I can move in easily, that expresses the character that I’m playing, and that makes me look good and professional.

4. Visualize

I always close my eyes and visualize what happens as I enter the audition room .I visualize greeting the panel effortlessly, I visualize nailing my monologue, and I even visualize getting an acceptance for the role.

5. Breathe

I take deep steady breaths minutes before an audition and even as I enter. I make sure to be aware that I’m breathing because it really changes the way I take in my surroundings. When I forget to breathe, my introduction and my monologue turn out tight and tense.

So these are the five things I do before an audition. Try it out for yourself and you will notice a difference when you go for your next audition. Wishing you all the best and break a leg!


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