• Dorothea Gloria

Rehearsing for Almost, Maine

Updated: May 20

Rehearsing for Almost, Maine has been such a beautiful journey. Being able to do a play with people you know so well makes the process feel like a breeze. Gwendolyn Snow, our director, knew each and every performer pretty well and so when it came to casting, each person casted in a certain role felt like the perfect fit. I play the role of Hope in 'Story of Hope' and the rehearsal process was very fun. Gwendolyn and Adam (assistant director) would give us different scenarios to play with the scene. For example, they would ask us to play the scene as if we were flirting with each other or that we're scared of one another, or even both of us experiencing a certain ailment. Hopefully all these elements play into the final experience of the scene that will make it more fleshed out and three dimensional.

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